We are all just a slender thread in the rich tapestry of life; a slender fragile thread pushing thru the weave in pursuit of a yet unfolded future. We join with others in this weave, braid ourselves together in marriages, in friendships, in working relationships, in mentorships, and in countless other ways. And it is only via this joining that our weave begins to mean anything.

All the various colors call to us at different times, and colors will join to make shapes and designs at various times and places. Look around you–look at those threads that depend most upon you. Are they children? Co-workers? Friends? Find those you are responsible for and lend yourself to that weave first. A wise man once said “Do what is meaningful, not what is expediant.” And it must be that way, even when, especially when life is complicated.

And the weave of life carries on its way, regardless, it feels, of the obstacles in our way.

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