“Please listen to me” – The Worker

Two truths:

1) They know their job better than you

2) They already want to change something

Arrogance leads to you coming in with solutions. Sometimes your solutions might even be right, be beneficial, be good for the people you’re solution-izing.

But it’s likely, nay certain, that they already want to fix something, want to make something smoother, want to adjust some small piece of their job. Yes, they may not have the big view, they may be trapped by the blinders of the rigors of their work, but it’s nearly guaranteed that they want something changed.

Start the conversation with “Is there something about your job that could be better?” and see where it leads. Help them fix it. Even when it isn’t directly aligned with company strategy, even when its a tweak that is only going to help for this job or for this week, do it. Your hardest challenge isn’t to change the process or modify the software or re-jigger the report, it’s changing behavior. If they wanted it before you ever came, your work is mostly done.

And you get to be their hero.

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